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The TnK Team

Kathy and I are a husband and wife team who are amateur naturalists and outdoor photographers living in Ontario, Canada. 

We enjoy nature, hiking, canoeing, camping and photography and we try to spend as much time as possible in the great ouoors. Our interest in the natural world has given us, and our three sons, many memorable adventures. 

Although photography has always been an interest of mine, it wasn’t until 1995 that my interest exploded into a passion. I read notice in the newspaper about a local camera club meeting featuring a guest photographer named Robert McCaw. When his first slide of a little chickadee was projected on the screen, I was hooked. Mind you, I have yet to get an image of a chickadee that would match that amazing picture. 
Kathy has always been interested in nature and loved the outdoors. After our children left the nest, she had more time to get involved in nature appreciation and ouoor photography. Her spiritual closeness to nature has a major influence in her photography.

We call our site “Adventures in Photography” because that is how we look at photography. Each outing is an adventure whether it’s a 10-day canoe trip or a half hour hike down a familiar path. Photography has led us to many adventures and has truly enhanced our ouoor experiences. The web site has grown from a mere collection of images to other areas like Recent Adventure Reports, Canoe Trip Reports, Vidoes and Slideshows, Photo Articles and Gear & Book Reviews. These are all a part of our Adventures in Photography.

I have been interest in nature since I was a young child. I find the naturalist side of my photography just as exciting as the imaging. Each plant, each insect, each creature has its own unique way of surviving in this world. We hope that, in someway, somehow, our photography can help promote preservation of our scarce wilderness, as it is a necessity to the survival of our floral and fauna. Because, after all, like us, they were created by God and have just as much right to live and exist as we do.
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